Operational Management

  • Responding to complaints from residents and troubles between residents and neighboring residents
  • Contract management such as rent collection, rent renewal and contract renewal
  • Creation of detailed regulations for in-house operations and restoration work for government offices and buildings
  • Implementation of restoration work and negotiation of cost burden that occurs when moving out

Building Management

Cleaning management

Efficient and systematic cleaning management cleans up before it gets dirty.

  • Daily cleaning and regular cleaning
  • Special cleaning
    glass cleaning, outer wall cleaning, carpet cleaning, lighting fixture cleaning, filter cleaning
  • House cleaning

Equipment management

Failure to communicate with the construction company may cause delays in the construction period, poor finish, or unexpected accidents. K2 Estate will assist in the selection of contractors for various construction and construction projects.

  • Water tank cleaning
  • Drain pipe cleaning
  • Electrical equipment
  • Elevator equipment
  • Air conditioning equipment

Service Management

We perform a variety of services including sales of consumables centering on manager work and meter reading work.

  • Manager business
  • Reception and guidance services
  • Consumable sales